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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -11,12 +11,25 @@ We welcome all contributions, such as but not limited to: - code - discussions - tests +- models If you contribute, you'll be invited to join the project members. Value Flows aims for autonomous solving of collaborative problems with a common vision. -## Workflow +## A suggested workflow + +Our workflow is evolving as we continue to work together and to bring in new people. So all of this is open to suggestion and discussion. + +We think that a use case driven flow works well for us. Anyone can create use cases or user stories as a starting point for discussion. These are best if based on the person's experience, either in software or just in life. Any textual format is fine, whatever you think communicates. + +An issue can be created for each use case, and people can discuss. People can propose models (RDF or other) to reflect the use case. + +Based on the models, we can start to refine the vocabulary. When it is getting solid, we can write up the .md doc for that repo (subject area) so it will get pulled into the main website. Then continue to refine as needed. + +For new people, reading the [existing use cases]( could be a good way to see how they might plug in to this workflow. + +## Github process Value Flows follows the ["GitHub Flow"]( workflow for using [our GitHub repos]( diff --git a/minutes/1015-11-02 minutes b/minutes/2015-11-02 minutes diff --git a/minutes/ b/minutes/ @@ -0,0 +1,249 @@ +Sunday, Dec. 6, 20:00 UTC + +discussion: + +### Agenda + +1. How do we relate to the Collaborative Technology Alliance? + +2. Understand how we want to think about using existing vocabularies. (Actually, this is more like if we want to start getting the agent and relationship vocab out there, what else do we need to do to it?) + +3. Update/demo of Mikey's linked data app? + +4. Can we develop more of a roadmap? (Paul Mackey's suggestion in gitter chat) + +5. Nail down and document work flow. + +6. How to make it easier for people to figure out how to contribute? + +7. List, explain, and feature our current bits of running code and round trips somewhere prominent, and keep it up to date. For example: + * [Holodex]( + * [Linked Data Browser]( + * Lynn's [NRP LOD agents]( round trips to [Valdev LOD agent query]( and to LDB + * [Personator]( can round trip to LDB if run thru rawgit (Personator shd add CORS headers) + +### Hangout chat, slightly cleaned up: + +Present: +* Lynn Foster +* Bob Haugen +* Paul Mackay +* elf Pavlik +* Michael Williams + +Checkins: +Mikey: +* lotta things going on, trying to keep up +* New contract project +* More people on board "this kind of thinking" (ask later) + +Bob: +* lots of fun in CTA in hylo +* doing some work on NRP +* thinking a lot about where this stuff goes and how to communicate it +* directions: + * connecting pieces of existing software; + * new apps that are VF native apps, built for this environment + +Lynn: +* mostly working on NRP, but related to VF: the exchange model. Rip it up, put it back together. +* Transfers and exchanges like elf wants (she thinks). +* Invisible now, will surface soon, +* major surgery +* All good! + +Paul: +* Getting involved. +* See if it's a fit with our projects. +* Also involved with transformap. +* Exploring, figuring out how to help out. + +elf: +* giving papers, +* preparing tallk for API days, +* then to Berlin for food networks, +* might meet Tibor in Paris, +* did hack in Polymer and Cordova that tracks sports, puts on map +* then going to Mexico City +* Lynn asks: if elf meets Tibor, ask him if he can respond to her emails, but elf says Tibor will be busy moving. + +Agenda: +* Priorities: + * CTA question better in hangout, some others offline. + * Roadmap + * LDB 404 agenda item to be done Offline. + * How do we relate to CTA? + * started with Mikey chatting in Slack with Connor and Edward and Chloe + * They want to know how they can relate to VF. + +Bob: +* Possibly: Intents +* it is an overlap, unclear where/how to work on it together + +Mikey: +* They want to get a vision of interoperability +* aiming for easy win +* trying to figure it out +* also needing to balance all of what they are working on +* trying to get everyone together +* Mikey recommendation: + * approach 1. what is ultimate, and + * approach 2. what are easy wins +* suggestion of easy win: import/export profiles and groups + * (csv's) + +Elf: +* agrees agents are good starting focus +* working wherever is fine as long as people can find it +* questions why to do csv's +* if have api, don't get stale like csv's +* API better than csv files + * API fresh + * csv stale + +Mikey: +* Advantage of csv: + * familiar + * easy to work in spreadsheets + * easier to relate to + +Lynn: +* start discussion in Hylo, see what they think +* Need agents to do anything. + +Mikey: proposes work toward import export profiles and memberships. +* Lynn: ok +* Bob.ok +* elf: API better +* Mikey: csv lower hanging fruit + * admins already syncing memberships all over the place + +Bob: +* separate issue of focus, where everybody agrees on agents and membership, +from issue of format. + +Lynn: +* let's discuss format with Chloe, Edward and Connor +* agrees with elf's concerns, but any experience will be good + +Mikey: +* succeed in something that is interop. Longer it takes, people think it's too far away. +* Do something easy. + +Lynn asks Paul, what agenda items would help you fit in? +Paul says: +* challenging to work out what goals are, what are priorities +* Make more clear. + +Lynn: +* goal is to balance lots of discussion and trying to make bits of things work +* roadmap meanders as the work leads us + +Mikey: +* round trips, one app producing data, another consuming, agents and relationships first +* We're also spreading ourselves over everything else at the same time. + +Lynn: +* if we were to design a workflow around your use cases, which have exchanges and processes +also the recycling thing +* Discuss, model, those use cases +* elfish models +* then nail down some of the vocabulary + +Paul: +* yes. VF seems very general, need to apply to particular circumstances. +* wd be useful to understand model. +* Does it align? + +Bob + Lynn: yes. + +Lynn: +* we like to work with use cases. +* These are challenging. +* Which is good. + +elf: +* likes the use cases, well described +* agents and groups and online workspaces +* recycle group uses mailing list or forum or loomio or hylo group +* I see agents and online workspaces +* clarify agents and resources and online workspaces + +Lynn: +* perfect example to refining use cases, teasing out definitional issues (like online workspaces) +* Start issue for each use case +* Paul: break out into separate files +* Bob: one issue per file to work on. + +Mikey: +* leads into nailing down and documenting our workflow +* helping people to get oriented +* point to our current flow, how you can plug in + +Lynn: +* I like use cases and then diving into them. +* elf's bus trip helps. +* I'll document that use-case oriennted flow. + +elf: newcomers can also start by reading existing use cases and then writing their own, if none of the others fit. + +Mikey: +* might also help with talking to Hylo +* started writing a document about integrating loomio with hylo + * immedately jumped to solutions + * no use cases + * use cases would ground the disucssions better + +elfish model = those rdf things that elf does +* Lynn is working on them + +* elf talks about SoLiD +* elf will document what is happening over there, we may be able to use some of that + +Mikey: +* nailing down use-case oriented workflow is coming together +* short term maybe interim proposal to import export profiles and memnberships + +checkout: + +Mikey: +* appreciate that this project has long-term rhythm that I can come in and out +* And we are making consistent progress + +Lynn: i'll start documenting use case focused work flow + +Bob will document running code and round trips +and plug in on Paul's use cases + +Lynn withdraws existing vocab item + +elf: Solid work will clarify existing vocab questions +so we don't need to worry too much + +Lynn: wants to reuse what we can. + +Bob: +* liked the meeting +* like balance of getting organized and not having too much ceremony +* like use case focus +* running code good +* will doc what we think this stuff will be used for + +Lynn: +* liked the meeting too, +* Paul, contribute as you want, and let us know if we become hard to work with. + +Paul: good feedback, hope to continue. Getting a sense of how vf works + +elf: +* glad to see Paul here, see him online in a lot of places +* Looking forward to Lynn's transfer work. +* Likes Hylo conversations. Thinks maybe people just need to play around with things for awhile, try out difffernet things, +before settling on existing patterns. +* Will be busy the next few weeks. + +Lynn: food network will be useful to bring into vf, we all have experience. + +Paul: been contirbuting on UK food netwroks. Interesting in taxonomy and models, and so are we. + +elf: will see more food platforms in Berlin