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Author: Bob Haugen <>
Date:   Sun,  4 Oct 2015 15:54:17 -0500

Merge pull request #33 from valnet/master

add minutes directory and 2015-10-04-minutes
Aminutes/2015-10-04-minutes.txt | 67+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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diff --git a/minutes/2015-10-04-minutes.txt b/minutes/2015-10-04-minutes.txt @@ -0,0 +1,67 @@ +Lynn Foster 3:04 PM +to do: +everyone create a feed in the right format +set up, use w3id, get all that set up +write a collector and minimal display to gather all of the jsonld data +compile all of us into the valueflow repo +using a script +BH: also include our relationships to valueflow project + +Michael Williams 3:12 PM +elf: have view to two agents on each side of a relationship with sub-components included + +Lynn Foster 3:13 PM +efl: recommends not to use as now +proxy them for now + +Michael Williams 3:14 PM +previously, elf + lynn: let's use foaf agent, group, org instead of our own, subclass only as necessary + +Lynn Foster 3:15 PM +Relationship +object +subject +relationship +also task to start the human readable doc +start with in md files + +Michael Williams 3:20 PM +mikey: part of me wants to stick to using vocabs within our own namespace, then reference external vocabs as necessary (sameAs, supersededBy, etc) + +Lynn Foster 3:22 PM +can have doc separated, and build it to get the whole website +(elf) +each json example link to the playground + +Bob Haugen 3:23 PM +I'll copy the chat and post it wherever we decide +can somebody write into the chat? +issue in the valueflows repo +minutes directory in repo + +Lynn Foster 3:25 PM +elf: instead put in version control in the github repo + +Bob Haugen 3:25 PM +so do we have all the notes in the chat that we want in the minutes? +meet every 2 weeks while things are moving fast +same time +10pm for elf, 9am for mikey, 3pm for lynn and bob +mikey is doing the domain +can we have several people share the credentials? +elf and mikey will deal with the domain etc +announcement: I'll copy and paste the chat from the hangout into the minutes. +if anybody wants something in the minutes, they can put it in the chat, or add it to the minutes doc in the repo. + +Lynn Foster 3:36 PM +ok + +Bob Haugen 3:44 PM +preview everything in the playground + +Michael Williams 3:44 PM +elf: preview everything in json-ld playground + +elf Pavlik 3:44 PM +ACTION^ +