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Author: Bob Haugen <>
Date:   Sun,  2 Oct 2016 17:05:17 -0500

Create dezentrale_deliberate_unclarity
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diff --git a/use-cases/dezentrale_deliberate_unclarity b/use-cases/dezentrale_deliberate_unclarity @@ -0,0 +1,103 @@ +[9:28:19 AM]Chris : +we would like to see how far we can get without starting to track hours, like in the world out there +that we are trying to escape from (or some of us) +[9:47:24 AM]Bob Haugen: +I was asking in terms of tracking percentage of meals cooked vs percentage of cooking done. +I think needs to be cooking done. +[9:48:00 AM]Chris : +percentage of cooking done, is what we are thinking currently +[9:48:18 AM]Lynn Foster: +ok let's try it out +[9:48:23 AM]Chris : +and tracking amount of meals served seperately +[9:54:22 AM]Bob Haugen: +How do the ingredients get tracked now? and how do you think you want to track them in OCP? +[9:54:51 AM]Chris : +we could track them like the base expenses +it feels wrong to have it in the same "base cost categorie, but I can't think of why it should be different +[10:03:52 AM]Bob Haugen: +Would you want to track the consumption of ingredients and other inputs in any detail? Or just that +somebody bought something for the collective for X amount of money and you don't care what? +[10:04:44 AM]Chris : +I think we should start as generic as possible and get more detailed only when needed +at the beginning we could try not to care +[10:10:55 AM]Lynn Foster: +so let me try to summarize: +- week of meals +- cooking % contribution (maybe separate, maybe goes into week of meals) +- purchase contributions from people's pockets +- purchases by the collective +[10:26:14 AM]Bob Haugen: +is cleaning a percentage of the week's cleaning, too? +[10:26:19 AM]Chris : +yes +[11:42:49 AM]Lynn Foster: +so bob and i on our walk couldn't think of a clean way to do the cooking and cleaning as all exchanges - +so we're back to a process that creates x meals in a week, and then some type of exchange where people +use x % of the meal offerings +[11:44:34 AM]Bob Haugen: +Could have one weekly collective work process with cooking and cleaning both as percentages +[11:44:39 AM]Chris : +or can we track two things, the cooking and the amoutn of meals, separately +? +[11:44:51 AM]Bob Haugen: +all on one page, along with the number of meals served +[11:45:50 AM]Lynn Foster: +well, you could create the process for the next week during the meeting, and people can enter whenever they want +[11:46:04 AM]Bob Haugen: +Put one collective work process out for every week +people can enter their percentages when they know them +[11:46:17 AM]Chris : +ok, let's try it that way +ok +[11:46:30 AM]Bob Haugen: +somebody can enter the number of meals served +the eating is a little hazier for me +but all of that other stuff can go on one page +[11:47:14 AM]Chris : +ok, sounds like what we would be looking for as our current ideal vision +11:47:54 AM]Bob Haugen: +everything else, the cooking, cleaning and meals served, all on one page +we're still thinking about the eating +but I can try an experiment later today in testocp and you can look at it +[11:48:39 AM]Chris : +the eating doesn't need to be related, I guess, as funny as it sounds +it is a separate revenue, basically +[11:49:24 AM]Lynn Foster: +the eating will be related because the exchange will track back to the process that created the weekly meals +[11:49:29 AM]Bob Haugen: +the eating can be related to the meals output as an exchnge +[11:49:33 AM]Lynn Foster: +process then exchange, related +[11:49:42 AM]Bob Haugen: +yes, what Lynn said +[11:51:38 AM]Lynn Foster: +is food included in the payment for a room? +[11:51:41 AM]Chris : +it is not inlcuded +[11:51:55 AM]Bob Haugen: +ok,, so it is paid for? +[11:52:05 AM]Chris : +yes +[11:52:16 AM]Bob Haugen: +then it's an exchange, economically +all fits (I think) +11:53:56 AM]Mario: +what do you see as cooking? breakfast, lunch, dinner? So three meals a day? +[11:54:25 AM]Chris : +doesn't matter, because we do percentages +[11:54:32 AM]Lynn Foster: +> Chris +> either as a contribution that they make at some point +could be either work or financial contribution? +[11:54:36 AM]Chris : +basically, this is left deliberately unclear +[11:55:11 AM]Bob Haugen: +I am warming up to the deliberate unclarity +[11:55:24 AM]Lynn Foster: +:smile: +[11:55:33 AM]Bob Haugen: +different attitude than other groups we've worked with + + +