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Explaining general status of the model/vocab. (#390)

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diff --git a/docs/introduction/ b/docs/introduction/ @@ -1,18 +1,28 @@ # Status of the vocabulary -This documentation is for release 0.1. +This documentation is for release 0.2. -The relatively consolidated parts of the vocabulary are reflected below. Those include: -* Core Agent model +The relatively consolidated parts of the vocabulary include: +* Agent model * Core Resource model * Core Input-Process-Output model -* Partial exchanges and reciprocity -* Commitments -* Complete exchanges, transfers, reciprocity +* Core Commitments +* Beginning of Intents +* Beginning of Exchange +* Core Recipe model +* Classifications -Yet to come: -* Recipes and Templates for processes and transfers -* Intents (offers and requests) -* Conversations for Action/Agreement and protocols -* Serialized resources -* Examples +Some things yet to come: +* Intents - complete +* Exchange and transfer - complete +* Recipes - forking/versioning +* Budgets, community analysis, plans +* Transportation +* Time-based resources (scheduling) +* Claims +* Conversations for Action/Agreement +* More examples + +A note about the status. This vocabulary is based on decades of work in academia and some limited work in the field in software implementations - and further development by the VF team through documenting and studying use cases. The stability of the model reflects this history. The core model is fairly stable. However, there are many edge cases and possibly not-so-edge cases where the model will need to be adjusted for the reality in the field based on further experience. Also, this model represents something new, something that we want to be able to support the next economy, with all the unknowns that will bring. + +So we see continuous improvements happening as the vocabulary is adopted by more people, through ongoing collaboration between the VF team and the adopters.