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Author: Bob Haugen <>
Date:   Sun, 29 May 2016 17:22:16 -0500

first draft
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diff --git a/minutes/2016-05-29-minutes.txt b/minutes/2016-05-29-minutes.txt @@ -0,0 +1,44 @@ + +elf +Lynn +Bob +3 participants + +topics: +workflow +closing issues +bob will get more into the details of the current discussions this coming week +. +what to focus on next: +process from recipe, then look for what needed to produce +. +entry points for focusing: +1. planning the process +2. isolate some issues +(if we can) +3. evolution of the intent +(Pavlik needs inputs to his planned process) +(this will include conversations for action but not in any detail) +(but we can just note and park little issues there instead of getting distracted by them_) +(black box for now) +--path of just finding willing people to support wiht inputs +. +think about our workflow in light of vf +as we work +--lead to selfdogfood +In other words, document our workflow using the VF vocab +. +our process: agreements documented by merging PRs +. +release cycle of monthly releases +--will motivate to agree +--publish to the w3c community group +. +. +. +Pavlik wants to explore prototypes +Bob wants to contracts classes, type objects and prototypes as ways to model resource types and their relationships with resources. +. +. +some time soon try to write some queries (when we have enough snippets to combine) +Pavlik will take the lead on this.