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Author: Lynn Foster <>
Date:   Sun, 26 Jun 2016 18:41:57 -0500

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diff --git a/minutes/2016-06-26 minutes b/minutes/2016-06-26 minutes @@ -0,0 +1,14 @@ +Agenda: + +* I [Bob] want to discuss how to implement [the first steps in the Mutual Aid Network resource flow mapping project]( + * Economic profiles for Agents. + * This could become the first real VF app with real users. We'll learn more from a meeting scheduled this coming Tuesday, but we want to discuss what is the simplest possible way to implement them. (P.S. not to take anything away from the Personator...) + +* [Lynn] What do we agree on and what do we disagree on for Process (base VF) vocab? And what to do to get there. (Step already agreed on - look at the Transportation examples next week.) + +Pavlik will work this next week with his friend on a skills sharing app to try to use Solid for a simple VF implementation. + +Also next week Lynn will dig into Transportation; and for the next weeks when Pavlik is traveling also Intents, +Services-Work-Usage, and workflow processes, to round out the base vocab and try to resolve our remaining issues. + +Pavlik will work on studying and use cases while traveling if he has time.