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diff --git a/use-cases/ b/use-cases/ @@ -1,35 +0,0 @@ -# Multifaith Groups to Form a 'Multifaith Sanctuary' for the Protection of Immigrants in Central Ohio - -As 2016 comes to a close, members of multifaith groups in central Ohio hold that the safety, security, health, well-being - and even the survival - of the disenfranchised and vulnerable populations within our communities are at risk. - -The political contentiousness and disunity rampant within our federal and state governments -- stoked by mean-spirited campaigns, tepid voter turnout, and win-lose administrative transitions -- prompts anxiety among those who have limited resources, especially those from minority immigrant communities, that they will see a sharp decline in funding or closure of governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations that provide them with critical support programs and services. Fear is an ongoing factor among immigrant populations in central Ohio: the threat of a mandated national register of Muslims; deportation of children of undocumented immigrants who have lived most of their lives in this country; loss of student visas for university and college students who are in the U.S.; behaviors of certain individuals jeopardize entire immigrant communities to which they belong, etc - -With its mission centered on peace and social justice, multifaith groups should take action within their shared realm of influence to help address the impending situation and give those affected in our communities the confidence that their basic needs for survival, safety, security, and socialization will be covered. - -At no time in recent history has the need for such interpersonal and multifaith connections been greater. To that end, multifaith group leaders invite those in the community who share our commitment to peace and social justice to join with us in an interdependent network of faith-based organizations, their members, affiliates, and friends to create a _multifaith sanctuary_. Its purpose is to assure that critical support services remain in central Ohio. This collaborative effort, based on our shared personal values and institutional organizing principles, will build on the common understanding, lasting friendships, and mutual trust among us. Together we can take advantage of this unique opportunity to catalyze and sustain a _multifaith sanctuary_ initiative within Central Ohio. - -In 2017, multifaith group leaders can convene prospective multifaith sanctuary members, including representatives from local immigrant communities, and facilitate a robust, inclusive planning process to create and grow a viable structure and includes a mix of the following steps: -* Initiate [value accounting](,_events,_agents_(accounting_model) "Value Accounting") / [timebanking]( "Timebanking description on Wikipedia") [system]( "hOurworld") to track [value flows]( "Value Flows on GitHub") among participants ([Care and Share Time Bank-CSTB]( "Care and Share Time Bank Home Page")) -* Target gaps in assistance to immigrant populations -* Identify potential resources (multiple forms of capital) to help address the gaps -* Map likely flows of resources to fill gaps -* Collaborate with partners, affiliates, and individuals to develop projects and programs that can expand and strengthen the _[multifaith sanctuary]( "Mutual Aid Network Core Principles")_ and incentivize / motivate flows of vital resources -* Start, scale, and sustain initiatives that apply resources to fill gaps - -The _multifaith sanctuary_ will need the investment of multiple forms of capital by MANY actors / agents. It will require a robust and scalable communication and coordination infrastructure so that the full value each member contributes is realized. If you would like to be in on this endeavor from the onset, we ask for your commitment of 8 hours / week over the first quarter of FY2017 to get it underway. Our hope is that those people and their organizations that resonate with the missions of multifaith groups in central Ohio and have an established working relationship with them will become “charter members” of the _multifaith sanctuary_ and establish its operational infrastructure. Once in place it will be a straightforward process to recruit additional members and expand the network to increase its impact in central Ohio. We look forward to you joining with us to do the worthy work of providing others with the means by which they can meet their basic needs and stay in our communities by their choice. - -Thanks in advance for consideration of this invitation! - -## Reference Readings: -* [Churches Prepare to Shelter Immigrants from Trump]( "Churches Prepare to Shelter Immigrants from Trump") -* [Cities Developing Worker Co-ops: Efforts in Ten Cities]( "Cities Developing Worker Co-ops: Efforts in Ten Cities") -* [Universities Exploring ‘Sanctuary’ Status]( "Universities Exploring 'Sanctuary' Status") -* [Mayors Pledge to Protect Undocumented Immigrants]( "Mayors Pledge to Protect Undocumented Immigrants") -* [Sanctuary City-Description]( "Sanctuary City-Description") - - -## List of considerations: -* Sanctuary usually means “a safe place where you are protected.“ How does that work in Central Ohio? For instance: - * Is it necessary that Columbus become a “Sanctuary City”? - * Is it necessary that other incorporated municipalities in Franklin County / central Ohio declare themselves to be “Sanctuary Cities” as well? - * Is it necessary that OSU (maybe other universities) become “Sanctuary Campuses”?