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diff --git a/docs/introduction/ b/docs/introduction/ @@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ Exchanges may use any of several technical protocols, but the main human-level protocol has been in use for many years. It may be called [Offer-Acceptance]( or [Conversation for Action]( It may include several preparation stages for agents who have never exchanged anything before, or it may be really simple if they exchange resources all the time. -ISO lists 5 phases: +[ISO 15944-1]( lists 5 phases: 1. Planning: In the Planning Phase, both the buyer and seller are engaged in activities to decide what action to take for acquiring or selling a good, service, and/or right. 2. Identification: The Identification Phase pertains to all those actions or events whereby data is interchanged among potential buyers and sellers in order to establish a one-to-one linkage.