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diff --git a/snippets/ b/snippets/ @@ -2,6 +2,14 @@ This initial version of the picture does not have any of the proposed differentiation between process-related and exchange-related commitments. The yaml has some of that. It is all here to facilitate discussion on the issue, see what it actually might look like. +Use case: +* The bakery orders 2 bushels of apples from the fruit farm in exchange for 1000 Faircoin. +* The fruit farm delivers 1.5 bushels of apples (all they had left) to the bakery. +* The fruit farm does a day of harvesting apples. +* The bakery order another .5 bushel of apples, since they have a delivery coming anyhow. +* The fruit farm delivers 1 bushel of apples, so that all orders are fulfilled. +* The bakery pays for all the apples at once, with 1250 Faircoin. + ![pic]( #### Resources before