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commit 8dff490aac0c70c576a4d2ef771ad597deb852eb
parent 9897ee20d51c591fb35e9ee217f7971e4c0afcab
Author: rei <rei@sonu.ch>
Date:   Wed,  6 Oct 2021 23:01:18 +0300

added cmus configs

M.bashrc | 2--
A.cmus/autosave | 183+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
A.cmus/blue.theme | 56++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
A.cmus/cache | 0
A.cmus/playlist.pl | 0
A.cmus/playlists/default | 0
A.cmus/rc | 5+++++
R.walls/1624689657880.png -> walls/1624689657880.png | 0
R.walls/1631456850171.jpg -> walls/1631456850171.jpg | 0
R.walls/adepta_sororitas.jpg -> walls/adepta_sororitas.jpg | 0
Awalls/boulevard.jpg | 0
R.walls/wp.jpg -> walls/wp.jpg | 0
12 files changed, 244 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/.bashrc b/.bashrc @@ -44,8 +44,6 @@ alias mv="mv -v" alias mkdir="mkdir -v" alias rm="rm -v" alias grep="grep --color" -alias wg0-on="sudo systemctl start wg-quick@wg0.service" -alias wg0-off="sudo systemctl stop wg-quick@wg0.service" # bash-completion if ! shopt -oq posix; then diff --git a/.cmus/autosave b/.cmus/autosave @@ -0,0 +1,183 @@ +set aaa_mode=all +set altformat_current= %F +set altformat_playlist= %f%= %d +set altformat_title=%f +set altformat_trackwin= %f%= %d +set auto_expand_albums_follow=true +set auto_expand_albums_search=true +set auto_expand_albums_selcur=true +set auto_reshuffle=true +set buffer_seconds=10 +set color_cmdline_attr=default +set color_cmdline_bg=default +set color_cmdline_fg=default +set color_cur_sel_attr=default +set color_error=magenta +set color_info=blue +set color_separator=black +set color_statusline_attr=default +set color_statusline_bg=default +set color_statusline_fg=green +set color_titleline_attr=default +set color_titleline_bg=default +set color_titleline_fg=green +set color_win_attr=default +set color_win_bg=default +set color_win_cur=magenta +set color_win_cur_sel_attr=default +set color_win_cur_sel_bg=magenta +set color_win_cur_sel_fg=black +set color_win_dir=lightgreen +set color_win_fg=default +set color_win_inactive_cur_sel_attr=default +set color_win_inactive_cur_sel_bg=default +set color_win_inactive_cur_sel_fg=magenta +set color_win_inactive_sel_attr=default +set color_win_inactive_sel_bg=default +set color_win_inactive_sel_fg=green +set color_win_sel_attr=default +set color_win_sel_bg=green +set color_win_sel_fg=black +set color_win_title_attr=default +set color_win_title_bg=default +set color_win_title_fg=default +set confirm_run=true +set continue=true +set device=/dev/cdrom +set display_artist_sort_name=false +set dsp.alsa.device= +set dsp.jack.resampling_quality=2 +set dsp.jack.server_name= +set dsp.oss.device= +set follow=false +set format_current= %a%=%l +set format_playlist= %-21%a %3n. %t%= %y %d %{?X!=0?%3X ? } +set format_playlist_va= %-21%A %3n. %t (%a)%= %y %d %{?X!=0?%3X ? } +set format_statusline= %{status} %t %=%1{shuffle} %{?show_playback_position?%{position} %{?duration?/ %{duration}}?%{?duration?%{duration}}} +set format_title=%a - %l - %t (%y) +set format_trackwin= %2n. %t%= %y %d +set format_trackwin_album= %l +set format_trackwin_va=%3n. %t (%a)%= %y %d +set format_treewin= %l +set format_treewin_artist=%a +set icecast_default_charset=ISO-8859-1 +set id3_default_charset=ISO-8859-1 +set input.cdio.cddb_url=freedb.freedb.org:8880 +set lib_sort=albumartist date album discnumber tracknumber title filename play_count +set mixer.alsa.channel= +set mixer.alsa.device= +set mixer.oss.channel=PCM +set mixer.oss.device= +set mixer.pulse.restore_volume=1 +set mouse=false +set output_plugin=pulse +set passwd= +set pl_sort= +set play_library=true +set play_sorted=true +set repeat=false +set repeat_current=false +set replaygain=disabled +set replaygain_limit=true +set replaygain_preamp=0.000000 +set resume=false +set rewind_offset=5 +set scroll_offset=2 +set set_term_title=true +set show_all_tracks=true +set show_current_bitrate=false +set show_hidden=false +set show_playback_position=true +set show_remaining_time=true +set shuffle=true +set skip_track_info=false +set smart_artist_sort=true +set softvol=false +set softvol_state=0 0 +set status_display_program= +set wrap_search=true +bind browser backspace browser-up +bind browser i toggle show_hidden +bind browser space win-activate +bind browser u win-update +bind common ! push shell +bind common + vol +10% +bind common , seek -1m +bind common - vol -10% +bind common . seek +1m +bind common 1 view tree +bind common 2 view sorted +bind common 3 view playlist +bind common 4 view queue +bind common 5 view browser +bind common 6 view filters +bind common 7 view settings +bind common = vol +10% +bind common C toggle continue +bind common D win-remove +bind common E win-add-Q +bind common F push filter +bind common G win-bottom +bind common I echo {} +bind common L push live-filter +bind common M toggle play_library +bind common N search-prev +bind common P win-mv-before +bind common U win-update-cache +bind common [ vol +1% +0 +bind common ] vol +0 +1% +bind common ^B win-page-up +bind common ^C echo Type :quit<enter> to exit cmus. +bind common ^E win-scroll-down +bind common ^F win-page-down +bind common ^L refresh +bind common ^R toggle repeat_current +bind common ^Y win-scroll-up +bind common a win-add-l +bind common b player-next +bind common c player-pause +bind common delete win-remove +bind common down win-down +bind common e win-add-q +bind common end win-bottom +bind common enter win-activate +bind common g win-top +bind common h seek -5 +bind common home win-top +bind common i win-sel-cur +bind common j win-down +bind common k win-up +bind common l seek +5 +bind common left seek -5 +bind common m toggle aaa_mode +bind common mlb_click_selected win-activate +bind common mouse_scroll_down win-down +bind common mouse_scroll_up win-up +bind common n search-next +bind common o toggle play_sorted +bind common p win-mv-after +bind common page_down win-page-down +bind common page_up win-page-up +bind common q quit -i +bind common r toggle repeat +bind common right seek +5 +bind common s toggle shuffle +bind common space win-toggle +bind common t toggle show_remaining_time +bind common tab win-next +bind common u update-cache +bind common up win-up +bind common v player-stop +bind common x player-play +bind common y win-add-p +bind common z player-prev +bind common { vol -1% -0 +bind common } vol -0 -1% +fset 90s=date>=1990&date<2000 +fset classical=genre="Classical" +fset missing-tag=!stream&(artist=""|album=""|title=""|tracknumber=-1|date=-1) +fset mp3=filename="*.mp3" +fset ogg=filename="*.ogg" +fset ogg-or-mp3=ogg|mp3 +fset unheard=play_count=0 +factivate diff --git a/.cmus/blue.theme b/.cmus/blue.theme @@ -0,0 +1,56 @@ +# Directory colors +set color_win_dir=10 + +# Normal text +set color_win_fg=default + +# Window background color. +set color_win_bg=default + +# Command line color. +set color_cmdline_bg=default +set color_cmdline_fg=default + +# Color of error messages displayed on the command line. +set color_error=magenta + +# Color of informational messages displayed on the command line. +set color_info=blue + +# Color of currently playing track. +set color_win_cur=magenta + +# Color of the separator line between windows in view (1). +set color_separator=100 + +# Color of window titles (topmost line of the screen). +set color_win_title_bg=default +set color_win_title_fg=default + +# Status line color. +set color_statusline_bg=default +set color_statusline_fg=green + +# Color of the line displaying currently playing track. +set color_titleline_bg=default +set color_titleline_fg=green + +# Color of the selected row which is also the currently playing track in active window. +set color_win_cur_sel_bg=magenta +set color_win_cur_sel_fg=black + +# Color of the selected row which is also the currently playing track in inactive window. +set color_win_inactive_cur_sel_bg=default +set color_win_inactive_cur_sel_fg=magenta + +# Color of selected row in inactive window. +set color_win_inactive_sel_bg=default +set color_win_inactive_sel_fg=green + +# Color of selected row in active window. +set color_win_sel_bg=green +set color_win_sel_fg=black + +# Command line color. +set color_cmdline_bg=default +set color_cmdline_fg=default diff --git a/.cmus/cache b/.cmus/cache Binary files differ. diff --git a/.cmus/playlist.pl b/.cmus/playlist.pl diff --git a/.cmus/playlists/default b/.cmus/playlists/default diff --git a/.cmus/rc b/.cmus/rc @@ -0,0 +1,5 @@ +set format_current= %= %a - %t +unbind -f common f +set format_statusline= %{status} %t %=%1{shuffle} %{?show_playback_position?%{position} %{?duration?/ %{duration}}?%{?duration?%{duration}}} +set format_current= %a%=%l +set format_trackwin= %2n. %t%= %y %d diff --git a/.walls/1624689657880.png b/walls/1624689657880.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/.walls/1631456850171.jpg b/walls/1631456850171.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/.walls/adepta_sororitas.jpg b/walls/adepta_sororitas.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/walls/boulevard.jpg b/walls/boulevard.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/.walls/wp.jpg b/walls/wp.jpg Binary files differ.