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Author: Lynn Foster <>
Date:   Sun,  3 Jan 2016 14:59:38 -0600

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diff --git a/minutes/2016-01-03 minutes b/minutes/2016-01-03 minutes @@ -0,0 +1,81 @@ +Chat from the online meeting + +me +2:12 PM +demo: +(I'll try to take notes) +browseer, initialized with id about self +browse other related resources +goals: github issues +click on issue: track time on it +activities +will have types of activities +activity is a chunk of work +relate to the issue +posts to container anywhere on the web when record activity +container referenced by agent (uri id) +resources: +web resources +(not economic resource) +project: +software +different meanings to "project" +goal, end date vs ongoing more organizational +>> second definition to samuel +more like a group of people +can nest projects and goals as deep as you want +github repo = project right now +-so less of an organization using github right now +(elf) +notice focus on top +left: filters by type of other related entities +right side, relationship types (sort of) +--later, samual, curated list of projects etc., not just related to the person authenticated +personal entry point or portal with curation +like open source projects or cooking or whatever +. +. +where is it at? +when can we try it? +web access more and more liberal as to data published +. +soon as long as people wiling to file bug reports +we are good being testers +want it to consume data from multiple sources +maybe next couple weeks +. +other ways to infer from github data +git to prov? +. +mikey: will model the contracting he is doing, and others from craftworks +Michael Williams +2:41 PM + +me +2:42 PM +(from colab example) +. +samuel: track the time and value flows on building this app +long term, using as curated list +of open source projects of any kind +and their relations to each other +works in movie industry as camera assistance, see potential to adapt there, open source principles +do a music video +publish as open source project and map dependencies on contributions +. +and are other people who might be itnerested +. +would like to keep it tight in the beginning +feedback loops +. +movie:maybe value equation later +. +elf selfdogfood: more systematic on bus trips etc. that he does +publish everyday his activities +contributions +link dependencies +also equipment, etc. +for example uses computer to contribution, and when it breaks, people can contribute to that +people need to cover contributors +. +meet again in 2 weeks