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diff --git a/use-cases/ b/use-cases/ @@ -0,0 +1,14 @@ +# [Sensorica 3D Printer]( + +This is a case of rights and responsibilities that are aimed at coordination between humans in the use of a valuable piece of shared equipment. + +Sensoricans contributed to a fund to buy a commercial-quality 3D printer. + +The printer requires some training to use and can be damaged by misuse. So a few individuals have designated roles for managing its use, for example: + +* Managers: people who did not contribute to the fund must get permission for use from a manager. +* Trainers and certifiers: before you can use the printer, you must be trained and certified to be competent to do so. Otherwise, you must have a certified technician do your 3D printing work, and if it is for income-producing purposes, pay them. + +Users of the 3D printer for income-producing purposes must pay into a maintenance fee and also distribute some of the income to the people who contributed to the purchase fund. + +Sensorica has plans for more formal scheduling of the 3D printer, and also for digital access cards that would also automatically log use.