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diff --git a/minutes/ b/minutes/ @@ -0,0 +1,23 @@ + +* [use YAML for all examples]( &mdash; elf Pavlik + +We will give this a try, we will be able to get to all LOD formats from YAML. Can use JSON-LD instead if easier or generating. + +* What formats of output do we want to support in VF? + +All + +* Definitions and Use Cases (see README of each repo) &mdash; elf Pavlik + +Pavlik is listing use cases and linking to a separate definition page for each repo. + +* OWL/RDFS classes &`rdf:type` (`@type` in JSON-LD) vs. SKOS topics & vf:kind/vf:variant/vf:taxon/vf:classifiedAs/??? + +Discussion of various levels of specificity in resource types and probably other types (process types), referring to existing links vs defining some vf LOD elements + +* JSON-LD context can handle aliases like `"name": "skos:prefLabel"`, so we don't need to redefine common terms in `vf:` namespace &mdash; elf Pavlik + * Library helpful in javascript + + Left for later + + * Not on the agenda: We spent some time discussion Transfer vs Transportation, Conversations for Agreement. Didn't capture the notes.