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diff --git a/use-cases/ b/use-cases/ @@ -0,0 +1,17 @@ +## Sensorica's custodian [ACES/CAKE]( + +* ACES stands for AcadÉmie Canadienne de l’Économie du Savoir +* CAKE stands for Canadian Academy for the Knowledge Economy +* Sensorica is an informal organization; has no legal identity. +* CAKE is their "exchange firm", handling their relationships with what they call "classical institutions". +* CAKE has their bank account. Sensorica has no bank account, cannot receive or pay out money except in cash. +* Sensorica calls CAKE the custodian of their money. +* CAKE can make contractual agreements with other legal entities, Sensorica cannot. +* CAKE has several administrators, each of whom can write checks on the CAKE bank account, as well as sign contracts for CAKE. + +Some excerpts from [a document describing CAKE's role in some recent Sensorica projects]( + +In December 2015, sensoricans were contacted by a Montreal-based company to help develop an IoT solution for applications in the heavy industry. This consists of a network of sensors that send data to a cloud for analysis, in order to predict failure. The requirement was fast innovation and low cost. The company crafted a business model based on services, not on selling the hardware, which is fully compatible with the open source development that SENSORICA can offer. The agreement was that everything that SENSORICA develops can be released under an open source licence, with no restrictions for sensoricans to remix this technology in other projects, including commercial ones. + +Thus, the company became the sponsor of an open source IoT applications development project. CAKE, the custodian of the SENSORICA OVN takes in financial contributions from the company and distributes them to network affiliates, as a reward for their involvement to the project, as fiscal sponsorship. The company is not a client of CAKE, since this a three party relationship, between the company, CAKE and the world, the later benefiting from the open source IoT applications design, and not simply a one-to-one service exchange between two organizations, even if the company can draw a direct benefit from this relationship. +